2020… What a Year!

Wow, 2020 continues to be an emotional rollercoaster and November has not been any different. On 9th November my morning alarm came on as usual, and I woke up to the news that the first of the vaccines was showing a 95% prevention rate. The joy at this news was wonderfully summed up by Greg James playing Alphabeat’s ‘Fascination’ and replacing the word with ‘Vaccination’ – genuinely that man has been such a shining light. For the first time since the pandemic hit, there is genuinely light at the end of the tunnel. 

That moment of unadulterated joy that this period of our lives may be over really had me thinking about Just Wholefoods and how far we have come this year. I touched on it slightly in the last blog post, but this year has been a year of action for the business.  Admittedly, the majority of the progress and the work has been behind the scenes and is not yet visible, but let me tell you we have a lot in store for 2021 and I’m really excited about it!

When we went into lockdown, home cooking, health and plant-based diets were once again at the forefront of everyone’s minds. At Just Wholefoods, this is our bread and plant-based butter! For the last 30 years we’ve provided convenient meal solutions which are not only simple to make but healthy too. Based around wholefood ingredients, our aim was not to attempt to replicate meat in plant-based format as is being seen in most chilled aisles around the country, but to provide healthy and organic home cooking mixes that were free from any artificial ingredients. The idea that you can get something out of the cupboard, add a couple of ingredients and voila – you have a fresh and healthy wholefood burger patty, sausage or ball, a batch of delicious custard or a bowl full of wobbly jelly, is what we’re all about!

This is what we have been doing behind the scenes. We have been working on several new product ranges and reformulations, not to mention LOADS of delicious recipes to help you, our valued customer, cook your favourite dishes at home, for you and your family, using our products!

  This leads me to new products… probably the bit that you’re most excited about!

During the lockdown months, I found myself snacking WAY too much from the biscuit tin and I couldn’t find simple, healthy alternatives to the MANY different baked goods I was gorging on! 

Now, despite the winner of the bake off being 20-year-old Peter Sawkins, I think I speak for most 20-something guys when I say that the idea of baking is quite a worrying proposition. Which flour do I buy and why does it make a difference? Do I have scales at home? Do I have the right sized mixing bowls and what on earth is baking powder?

So, what if, like our home cooking mixes, Just Wholefoods removed the complications so that you had all of the ingredients needed to bake yourself some delicious, plant-based and gluten free eats?? Well this is the first of our new product launches. In January we will be launching a range of delicious (if I may say so myself!) baking mixes – keep an eye on our website and Instagram page to see the FIVE new products!!!

So, 2021 what can you expect to see from Just Wholefoods? New and exciting products, lots of delicious recipes using our products, some amazing collaborations and some fantastic causes that we’re going to be supporting. So keep your eyes peeled – it’s going to be an exciting year!!!

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