Cooking with Sunflower Mince

Our organic and vegan Sunflower Mince is a versatile store-cupboard ingredient that is perfect for any cuisine. Use Sunflower Mince in all recipes that require minced meat, or simply to add texture or protein to your meat-free meals. Sunflower Mince has a mild flavour and is an ideal base to absorb all the lovely flavours of your dish.

Soak the Sunflower Mince in plenty of warm liquid for 10 minutes. You can use water, stock, a mixture of water, herbs and fresh slices of ginger, or anything else that sets the tone for your meal.
After 10 minutes, strain the Sunflower Mince in a colander and it’s ready to use.

Simply add the Sunflower Mince to your sauce, simmer for a few minutes, season to taste and it’s ready to eat – ideal for a speedy midweek dinner. Alternatively, you can brown the mince in a pan just like you would with minced meat for chilli sin carne, spaghetti Bolognese or lasagne.

If fried for longer, Sunflower Mince will go nice and crispy – perfect for sprinkling over a noodle dish or a salad. When frying in the pan, try adding flavours like garlic, ginger, chilli, agave nectar, and soy sauce to up the umami.

Sunflower Mince freezes beautifully and will keep its original texture and flavour.

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