Lockdown 3.0: Just Wholefoods Survival Guide

Mama mia… here we go again, just without the beautiful tones of ABBA and without the enthusiasm of lockdown 1. Like I imagine many of you lovely people out there, we are feeling a bit exhausted – even after a restful Christmas period. But that’s just it – Coronavirus IS exhausting. It’s dangerous, contentious, aggravating, saddening, scary and generally associated with all the bad emotions – we’ve been going for a year now so it’s no wonder we’re feeling a bit mentally tired of the whole thing.
BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel and we’re viewing this lockdown like the last six miles of the marathon – we’ve gotten through the hardest bit and it’s one collective final push to get to the finish line! So, in light of this, we’re putting together a weekly ‘Lockdown Survival Guide’ with some tips from podcasts we’re enjoying, recipes we’re cooking and home workouts we’re *cough* attempting!
So, without further ado….

What are we eating?

It wouldn’t be lockdown if we didn’t get involved with a little bit of baking! It’s a little bit of shameless self-promotion but honestly, we’re absolutely loving baking with our new range of baking mixes! Speaking as a total amateur in terms of baking, these delicious and nutritious mixes literally take 20 mins max and you only ever need to add a couple of ingredients! Personal favourite is the Flapjack mix as they are PERFECT alongside a cup of tea. It narrowly pips our Matcha Pancake Mix to the number one spot! Available from justwholefoods.co.uk

What are we watching?

Peep Show. Need we say anymore? One of Britain’s most hilarious comedic duos – David Mitchell and Robert Webb – play unlikely childhood best friends who live together in a flat in Croydon. Wonderfully opposite in their beliefs and lifestyles, the combo of Mark and Jeremy will have you in stitches. If you’re a fan, you already know - but if you’ve never seen it before, we implore you to watch as it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

What are we listening to?

Podcasts are such a great form of escapism aren’t they? One which we’ve loved over the past couple of years is Tailenders. This loosely based cricket podcast is presented by Radio 1’s Greg James, Felix White of The Maccabees and the world’s most successful fast bowler James Anderson. You don’t have to be a fan of cricket to enjoy this one, in fact it’s actively encouraged if you’re not a fan to listen! With expert insight, hilarious running jokes and an overall theme of inclusivity – Tailenders makes the whole culture feel like a club you won’t want to leave.

Lastly…how are we working out?

Keeping active in lockdown is HARD. Not only because you’re only allowed one trip outside a day but because sometimes, we lack the knowledge, equipment and motivation to get a good sweat on. This is where the GS Method steps in. The GS Method is a low impact, non-aggressive technique which involves using small and controlled movements to contract muscles for a longer period of time - expect to build strength quickly and feel the burn – and trust us, you definitely feel the burn!! What’s best about it is that you can do all the workouts in your living room and they are all super effective for those at all stages of their fitness journey. If you want any more info please check out the GS Method Instagram @gsmethod or georgiespurling.com. We also have a code for 20% off membership if anyone is interested in joining – use ‘JUST20’.
We hope that this has given you a little inspiration for some things to try in lockdown – we’ll continue to try and give you all some more ideas!! Keep going everyone, remember – last six miles!!

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