• What do you use instead of pork or beef gelatine?

In our sweets we use pectin and, in our jellies, we use carrageenan which is a type of seaweed.

  • Do you use palm oil in your products?

No, we have recently undergone product reformulations to remove all palm oil from our products.

  • Are all your products organic?

Most of our products are. We aim to produce organic products whenever possible although sometimes this is difficult due to lack of availability of raw materials. All our products however are GM free and we never use any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

  • Is your packaging recyclable? All our boxes are made from a sustainable source and are recyclable. Unfortunately, the film we use isn’t currently recyclable, but we are working hard to find a better solution for this type of packaging.
  • Do you use compostable packaging? We are always looking to find the most sustainable packaging solution for our products. We are working hard to find a compostable film that is approved by the Soil Association and protects the food we sell in the best way possible.
  • Do you deliver abroad? Please see our Delivery page for more details.